Reason for Leap Years?


The reason for the leap year all boils down to the type of calender that a society follows. The Gregorian calender is used by almost all modern day societies. leap year simply adds a day to the calender during the month of February once every three years. This means that instead of being 365 days long the year will last 366. There really is no particular reason for this other than the Mayans decided to compose the calender this way. For all we know, it could have been a mistake.
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We have leap years in order to keep seasons, astronomical events, and time differences in sync.
Without leap years, the Gregorian calendar would lose veracity in just over a hundred years, leading to time differences between day and night.
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it is something to do with how it takes 365 days to do a full orbit . sorry thats all I know.
Leap years are containing 1 more day than the common years. Instead of having 365 days, the leap years have 366 days. The extra day is added in February and instead of 28, this month
February has 29 days, we call it a leap year. Reason we care about our
The earth takes 365.25 days to orbit the sun. Our year has 365 days in, so each year, we lose a quarter of a day. Adding in an extra day every four years makes up for the four quarters
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it is something to do with how it takes 365 days to do a full orbit . sorry thats all I know. ...
The reason leap year is February 29th, is because that day only comes every four years. The three years in between during the month of February have only 28 days ...
Leap years occur every four years on February 29. The reason for leap years is because an actual year is about 365. 25 days long. The quarter days are made up ...
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