Reasons against Censorship?


Many people are against censorship because it deprives people of their freedom of speech and constitutional rights. Censorship hides things from people, and does not allow citizens to see or hear things for what they really are. Many people believe censorship is a way to spare hurt feelings and people becoming offended by certain material. Being offended is a choice and people do not have to choose it. However, society teaches that walking on egg shells and being hushed about certain topics is what you do, hence there is censorship.
Q&A Related to "Reasons against Censorship?"
Connor Glespe.
An author can write what they want in a book and it shouldn't be up to the law to tell them. Source(s) This is really getting ridiculous.
I'm not sure I understand the question but when it comes to "technological tools we should be developing and campaigning for to mitigate the censorship potential of cloud distributed
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