Reasons for Low Voter Turnout?


There are quite a few reasons for having a low voter turnout during political elections. Some people simply do not want to vote, so they don't. Other people are undecided on who they want to vote for, so they do not choose anyone. Other reasons are voter registration issues, disenfranchisement of ex-offenders, voters with disabilities, literacy issues, ballot and voter equipment problems, long lines and fixable poll procedures, and many other reasons that potential voters have reported.
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I believe that is because most people think that our vote doesn't count. They think that the politicians have the last say so of the votes.
First of all, it is obvious that there is a decline in public
Young people don't have the time to vote because they are receiving health, education, tax benefits and are served with a golden they don't vote because they aren't living
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Voter turnout is so low in the United States due to lack of education, apathy, and the perceived pointlessness of voting. Many in the United States believe that ...
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