How to Transfer High Schools?


Different high schools have different transfer procedures. If you do not move, you need special permission to transfer high schools and you need to ask the school you want to attend what records it needs and if the records can come directly from you or your former school.
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1. Inform the original school of the intent to transfer the student. Begin by calling the Dean of Students, principal or guidance counselors. Give them the date of withdrawal and
Lots of people transfer to Exeter. The class starts out with about 180 people, and then you get about 90 new lowers, 50 new uppers and 20 new seniors or postgraduates (PGs), so starting
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You will need your transcripts from your old High School. Your new school will need those as well as proof of residency for zoning. Contact your new high school to be sure.
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If you are transferring to a new school due to a move, you really do not have much of a choice. You will need to call the school and find out what they need from ...
You will need to check with the office of your high school to see how they handle transfers to other high schools. Each school district can vary in procedure. ...
It is possible to transfer out a high school in NYC under certain circumstances, but the process isn't easy. Moving another district is the simplest method, and ...
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