Reasons to Stay in College?


There are several reasons to stay in College including to complete the course, to get more ideas, get away from parent shadow and for more experience. More so one can find connections in college, know about the current economic and political climate.
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UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN HIGHSCHOOL AND COLLEGE. Some students who received A's and B's in high school are now receiving C's and D's in their college classes. Those receiving
Because your parents want you to go there... Embed Quote Via Stephanie
Answer Because thing might seem better tomorrow? God put you on earth for a reason .To purposefully take your (or any one else's for that matter) life is to spit in God's face and
STDs, unplanned pregnancy and your devotion to God are a few reasons to wait until
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There are many reasons to stay in college, the first being the ability to meet the basic educational requirements for most jobs. Those with a college education ...
The reasons to stay in school are many. If you ever want to go to college, you have to graduate from high school or take a GED. If you want a good job, they want ...
One reason people might stay abstinent is because they do not want to have children. They also may be this way because of their sexual orientation. They may also ...
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