Recall a Sent Email Yahoo?


Sent Mail is saved on your Yahoo Email System. Simply log into your account and click the corresponding folder titled Sent Mail. Look for the one you want and click on it to open it.
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1. Open your Web browser and navigate to the Yahoo homepage. 2. Sign In to your Yahoo account. 3. Click “Yahoo! Mail” to open your inbox. 4. Click the “Sent”
Yahoo does not have this feature. Once you click on the sent button it is to late to recall. Sorry!
Hello, You can find your Sent items folder right under the Inbox followed by the Drafts folder. You can see all your Sent emails from that section. It is on the left pane of the yahoo
You can't.
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It is quite easy to recall a sent e-mail with Yahoo. To check your sent email. Sign in to your Yahoo mail and go to the sent items folder. All your sent messages ...
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