Recent Searches on This Computer?


The ability to view recent searches on a computer can come in very handy for many reasons. This is the perfect way to find that recipe you were looking at the other day but forgot to bookmark. To view the recent searches, you will need to view your history. This is done differently depending on the web browser. For Internet Explorer, you would go to the favorites center and then click on the 'history' button. In Firefox, you will click on the 'history' tab on the toolbar, then click, 'show all history.'
Q&A Related to "Recent Searches on This Computer?"
1. Open "Internet Explorer. 2. Click on the "Favorites Center. This is the solid gold star in the left corner. 3. Select the "History" button. A list will show
You can access the computer history by opening your browser and hitting the control and the H key at the same time. It will then display all the Internet activity. Hope this helps!
if you look at the top of the screen it says history you click it and it gives you options to choose from.
It's not a "recent" development. but the company I work for, OneRiot, originally led the way for realtime/social search. Broadly speaking, we used people's twitter activity
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