How to Stiffen Fabric?


The recipe for fabric stiffener calls for several materials, including: white glue, a large bowl, and a measuring cup. The first step in making this stiffener is to pour the glue into the bowl. The next step is to add water into the bowl.
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1. Choose the appropriate interfacing for your project. Select an interfacing that is lighter than your project fabric and take into consideration the type of fabric care the finished
use fabric starch - find it in the laudry aisle in your grocery store.
This great, simple necklace, will not only use those small fabric scraps, you can raid your button collection to finish it off... I'm picturing a round bead on to of the buttons..
Try spraying both sides of fabric with Automobile Clear lacquer spray and let dry well before folding once it is folded spray it again.It should work.
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