Recipe for Itching Powder?


Itching powder is a common prank that has been done for years. The product irritates the skin causing an itching sensation on the person it's touched. Using the hairs found on the seedpods of a maple tree will work as a great and inexpensive itching powder.
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Itching powder is made from the seed coverings on a whirligig, which is gotten
1. Gather up several dozen maple seeds-commonly known as 'whirlygigs' for how they fall, helicopter-like, to the ground. Dry them well. 2. Hold the propeller, or body, of a whirlygig
1 Cut a dead-looking rose; one that needs to be 'dead-headed' and has a large hip (bulb). Cut it below the hip without cutting into the hip itself, but leaving no more than a centimetre
In any fun/joke store, but you can also make it yourself. To find out how, check the related link below.
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