How to Read Tire Pressure Recommendations in an Audi?


To read tire pressure recommendations in an Audi, simply access the owner's manual. The manual lists preferred tire pressure and PSI for the vehicle. You can also speak to your local Audi mechanic or dealership for more information. If you have a tire gauge, however, you can also check tire pressure yourself. If any tire is above 35 PSI, it is a good sign. If it it's below 34 PSI, however, you will need to pump your tire up.
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1. The tire pressure sticker is also known as the manufacturer's tire information placard and certification label. It contains several bits of useful information including the tire
Caution: This question needs to be more specifc to produce a reliable answer. The answer will vary depending on they kind of tire, the vehicle, and the use for which the tire is applied
The US manual states 26/26(front/rear) cold and
30-32 in front 32-34 in rear.
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