What Does a Black and Red Star Tattoo on the Elbow Mean?


A red and black star tattoo is also known as a nautical star. This is a popular design for a tattoo and other color variations for it would be black and green. Having this particular star as a tattoo can symbolize finding one's way back home.
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It mean a gang symbol known to the gang "bloods" if your not inn that gang,than it whould be a bad idea.
The red and black on a nautical star symbolize the
each point on the star has a meaning, and that they are Life, Liberty, Peace, Juctice, and Freedom. much debated subject. It is easy to see that in different societies and sub-cultures
Blue nautical star tattoo meaning is, that you cherish loyalty. The black stars are used to represent the right side of the ship, the starboard of the ship. report this answer. Updated
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