Red Balls on Power Lines?


The red balls on the power lines are markers and are usually placed in areas where there isn't much else around. They help airplane pilots see the power lines. Red is used the most because it stands out the most. Orange and white are also used.
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The large red balls that sit on power lines in the middle of the country are primarily meant to help airline pilots see the lines to avoid running into them. The balls are often found
The red balls on the power line are to alert low flying aircraft of their
to make it visible to small planes and helicopters. and even some time immigrating birds.
They save the lives of stupid pilots, since the power lines are shown on the aviation maps and there is no more reason to run into them than to run into a mountain. Notice they are
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What Are the Red Balls on Power Lines?
Most commonly found out in open areas, such as in the country away from cities, you may notice large red balls placed on electric wires. These balls are usually found in places where there really isn't much else around. They are an aerial warning that... More »
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The big orange balls found on some high power lines are designed to alert lower flying aircraft of the presence of these lines. Typically, these warning balls ...
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