Red Bellied Pacu?


Red-bellied pacu is a type of fish. It is from the subfamily of Serrasalminae. It can either be Piaractus brachypomus or Colossoma macropomum which is also known as tambaqui.
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The Red Belly Pacu is a fish which looks similar to a piranha. They are herbivores, but
5-15 years generally.
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The red-bellied pacu fish(Tambaqui) are an edible fish, but we would not recommend eating one.
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Red belly Pacu are plant eaters. They subsist on plants that grow well in the aquarium, but not on ornamental ones. Pacu can grow very big extra caution is needed ...
No, it is not suggested to put a red pacu with betta fish. The male of the group will eventually kill and then eat the other fish. Also, they grow to be quite ...
A belly button infection can cause redness inside of the belly button. There are several things that can cause a belly button infection, but this is not common ...
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