Red Blood Cells in Hypertonic Solution?


Red blood cells in hypertonic solutions are the cells that lose water to the outside by osmosis. The solution that is hypertonic to red blood cells is a mixture with more salts than the fluid inside the cells.
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A solution with more salt/solutes than the fluid inside the red blood cells.
When placed in a hypertonic solution, the cell would Shrink, as water would move out of the cell, into the surrounding environment. Source(s) Microbiology major.
0.9 percent salt
Red blood cells or RBCs are one of the three main types of blood cells (the other two being white blood cells and platelets). Red blood cells perform a very important function of
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A 10% NaCl (or salt) solution is hypertonic to red blood cells. If you add red blood cells to a 10% NaCl solution, the solution is more concentrated and so the ...
Osmotic pressure affects red blood cells in one of three ways. Hypertonic solution is when the osmotic pressure of the solution outside the blood cells is higher ...
A hypertonic solution is a solution that has a greater solute, on the external side of the membrane, concentration than the cytosol. When a cell's cytoplasm is ...
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