Red Devil Lye?


Red Devil Lye can be found at most home improvement and industrial stores. This product is mainly used as a drain cleaner, however, can also be used to make soap. While the product is available, there are some stores that do not carry this brand anymore.
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The primary use of Red Devil Lye was as a drain cleaner. The product reacted with grease to form a kind of soap that would dissolve in water and wash away. The caustic product also
Red Devil Lye is a sodium hydroxide used for making soap. It can be...
100% Sodium Hydroxide.
red devil lye has been pulled from store shelves all over, but you might find some at ace hardware. Here's a link to an article that has a few links as to where to get lye http://
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What Is Red Devil Lye?
Red Devil Lye, also known as Lewis Red Devil Lye Drain Opener, was the trade name for a drain cleaner product sold by the manufacturer Reckitt-Benckiser. The product has been pulled from the market and is no longer available. Similar drain-cleaning... More »
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Red Devil Lye was a drain cleaning product sold by Reckitt-Benckiser. The product was discontinued from the market and is no longer available. Similar drain-cleaning products are now sold as Red Devil Lye. Red Devil Lye was also called Lewis Red Devil Lye Drain Opener.
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