How to Make a Red Drum Tackle Rig?


Here are the steps on how to make a red drum tackle rig: 1. Tie an egg-shaped or pyramid sinker on your heavy fishing line.2. Connect the barrel swiver at the end of your line. Secure properly.3. Cut another line and tie to your existing line.4. Put a bait on your hook.
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1. Thread a pyramid- or egg-shaped sinker on the end of 20-pound fishing line. If you plan to cast into the surf, use a pyramid sinker, which will dig into the ground and prevent
Anything as long as it is smaller than them!
n. A large food fish (Sciaenops ocellata) of the Atlantic coastal waters of North America. Also called channel bass .
The phylum of the red drum is Chordata. Red Drum usually occur along coastal waters.
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