Red Rash around the Ankles?


A common place for a rash is the ankles. Having a red rash around the ankles means there is an eruption of itchy, red patches or red spots on the ankles. Because there are several types of rashes and various reasons for the rash, a doctor may be needed to determine the cause of the rash. Bug bites, heat rash, and eczema can cause a rash on the ankles. Scabies may be a cause for an ankle rash.
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Try a search for "golfer's vasculitis" that may be it.
I think it's just a heat rash. Nothing to worry about stay out of the sun. Moisterize, don't scratch and it will go away on it's own.
Jock itch is a pretty common fungal infection of the
Don't put on whatever you are using. It's probably prickly heat you have which means you have blocked the sweat pores. You need to put ice on when you can and don't have any shirts
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There are many different conditions that could cause a red rash around the ankles. A few could be dermatitis, scabies, vasculitis or heat rash. It is the best ...
One cause for a red blotchy rash, that doesn't itch, around the ankles and wrists could be eczema. Another cause for the rash could be from a type of vasculitis. ...
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