Red Spots in Back of Throat?


Red spots in the back of the throat can be caused by several different things. The most common cause is strep throat. Strep throat can cause large dark or bright red spots to appear on both the back of the throat and on the roof of the mouth.
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Not Medical Advice: The most likely cause for red spots in the back of the throat is strep throat. Other signs and symptoms of strep throat are throat pain, difficulty swallowing,
strep throat.
This could be the start of tonsillitis, strep throat,
Go see a doctor! Sounds like inflammation die to your body fighting off an infection. It could be viral or bacteria... or from trauma to your throat. Embed
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Strep throat is one condition that would cause red, inflamed, pustules and white spots in the back of a very red sore throat. Your doctor can run a test to see ...
White spots in the back of the throat can be an alarming symptom, especially when they are accompanied by other uncomfortable side effects. These spots or patches ...
Step throat. ...
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