Red Spots in Back of Throat?


Red spots in the back of the throat can be caused by several different things. The most common cause is strep throat. Strep throat can cause large dark or bright red spots to appear on both the back of the throat and on the roof of the mouth.
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Not Medical Advice: The most likely cause for red spots in the back of the throat is strep throat. Other signs and symptoms of strep throat are throat pain, difficulty swallowing,
It could be minor irritation (from smoking, talking, etc. or it could be a sinus or throat infection or strep throat. Sounds like you need to see a doctor for evaluation and treatment
Strep Throat can cause red and white patches in the back of throat.
Go see a doctor! Sounds like inflammation die to your body fighting off an infection. It could be viral or bacteria. or from trauma to your throat.
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