Red Spots on Dog's Belly?


Red spots on a dog's belly are often rashes. Dogs get rashes like that when they are having an allergic reaction to something. The most common allergens that make a dog break out into a rash are fleas and foods.
Q&A Related to "Red Spots on Dog's Belly"
It's of grass probably if the dog lies on the grass every day try keeping it of the grass for a few weeks it worked on my dog or its the treats your dog(s) eats you might give to
A cool cider vinegar compress can soothe the rash,
It sounds like hot spots my dogs got them when I left them at a new boarding kennel in the summer and the owners left my dogs out in the sun for too long, you can take him to the
Hi Brooke- I am wondering if your little boston came into contact with something that is causing an allergic reaction. ( What you can do is give 1 benadryl ( 25mg) every 12 hrs. If
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