Red Spots on the Scalp?


Red spots on the scalp can happen if your scalp produces too much oil. Head and Shoulders is a good shampoo that can help with scalp conditions. You can also get medication from a dermatologist in a cream or shampoo form.
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1. Avoid the sun on your scalp by wearing a hat whenever you go outside. Apply sunscreen throughout the day. 2. Apply a paste of one part honey to two parts lemon juice to the affected
Red spots on your scalp could be scalp psoriasis - a very common problem.
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A red scalp typically indicates an irritation or infection of some kind. Shampoo, conditioner, hair gels and sprays can irritate the scalp and can be the source ...
If a person notices that they have brown spots on their scalp, they should not freak out about it. The brown spots can be many different things and will vary from ...
When trying treatments for itchy red scalp, first you'll need to figure our what the cause of the irritation is. If your scalp is itchy from dryness or dandruff, ...
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