Red Star Tattoo Meaning?


As with most contemporary tattoos what a Star Tattoo can mean varies as much as the different colors it can be filled in with. There is no particular meaning.
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The two most popular five-point star tattoos, according to the website Vanishing Tattoo, are the pentagram and the nautical star. Symbolic for their religious meanings, both the pentagram
The red and black on a nautical star symbolize the
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Tattoos have various meanings. Its meaning is usually dependent on its significance to the person's life. The star is usually symbolizes path guide. The color ...
A red and black star tattoo is also known as a nautical star. This is a popular design for a tattoo and other color variations for it would be black and green. ...
Star Tattoos can represent hopes to being a star or your goals and determination to reach for the stars and be all you can be. Stars are universal symbols, not ...
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