Red Tip Photinia Pruning?


Red tip photinia grows well in the Eastern part of the United States but good pruning practices has made them do as well in the south. For the best results while pruning, always keep the shrub wider at the base than the top so that sunlight reaches the lower branches. Any type of trimming tool can be used as long as the blades are sharp. In cold weather, do not prune them after mid-August.
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1. The best time of year to prune your Photinia is early spring through early fall. Late spring, early summer being the best. If you have just planted then you would want to wait
Leona, The best time to take cutings to root is after the first flush of new growth in the late spring- early summer, while they are still green. Use a rooting hormone for best results
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"Photinia Red Robin is grown for the spectacular new red foliage. Pruning throughout the year helps to encourage this spectacular foliage. Cut back quite hard after the foliage
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Red Tip Photinia Pruning
The red tip photinia plant can be pruned each year in the fall or winter, and cutting back the dead and wild branches will keep the plant healthy and growing nicely for years to come. Trim a red tip photinia plant with advice from a sustainable gardener... More »
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Photinia are large evergreen shrubs. The most common photinia is the red tip photinia. The shrubs were once very popular as tall hedging in the South. The red ...
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