Red Wing Crock Value?


The value of a Red Wing crock ranges between $75 to $3,500. The price of each crock is based on the amount of content they can hold. The smallest crocks are able to hold 2-8 gallons of content while the largest available are between 50-60 gallons.
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from $5 to $25,000 depends on the size and age of the crock. and lots of other factors. the best way is to go on eBay and search for your particular item, if someone has one listed
1. Decide if the piece of pottery should be restored professionally or if you can fix it yourself. 2. Consult with an appraiser to determine the worth of the piece. The current value
10 gallon Red Wing crocks are currently selling on eBay for between $127 - $147. Red Wing crocks are very collectible and can have a high value, depending on a few factors. 1 - Size
Other' than Lity's lumpy oatmeal . . . You are missing some important details, like the year and the make of the card. Go look on eBay and see what similar cards are going for or
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Antique Red Wing crocks can be worth some money, depending upon what type of condition it is in. Two to eight gallon crocks in good condition are worth from $75 ...
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