Redness and Swelling under Eye?


Redness and swelling under the eye can be from several different things. Sometimes, an infection can cause this, though it can also be from something like a problem with vision. Sometimes an allergic reaction can cause redness and swelling under the eye, as well as an insect or spider bite. A problem with a stye could also cause redness and swelling. If it gets worse, see a doctor for a proper diagnosis as well as treatment.
Q&A Related to "Redness and Swelling under Eye"
1. Make a cold compress with a clean, damp washcloth. Dampen a washcloth and place it in the refrigerator. 2. Lay down with your head propped up with an extra pillow to keep it elevated
Swelling Under The Eyes in Children & Adults: Some adults can have water retention under their eyes and it can be a hereditary factor so a child may have that particular gene.
It sounds like it may be some kind of allergic reaction. When my allergies are really bad and my eyes tear a lot, the salinity of my tears irritates the skin around my eyes.
Apply a cold water under eyes for a few minutes & use chilled slices of cucumber,
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