What could cause redness in the corner of the eye?


Redness in the corner of the eye can be caused by allergies or by wearing makeup that irritates the eye. In severe cases, redness in the corner of the eye can be caused by an eye injury.
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Most likely your asking about the inside corner area and referring to your tear duct.
1. Apply primer from the inner corner with a shader brush to cover upper eyelids, which covers imperfections and helps your eye color last. Another option is to use your index finger
My dad gas a red spot in his eye from a blood vessel popping it shouldn't hurt and it shouldn't effect u in any way it just means u squint a lot to prevent that don't squint a lot
1 Use eye-drops or artificial tears. A quick remedy for red eyes is eye drops, sometimes called artificial tears. These are available at any drug store, and usually only cost a few
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