What Causes Lower Legs to Turn Red?


Redness of the lower portion of the leg indicates a serious medical condition. Persistent redness and swelling of the leg, must consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. Fracture of the bone in the lower section of the leg causes redness in the lower legs and also Phlebitis (inflammation of the vein in the lower area of the leg) and Cellulitis (deep infections the skin) are all causes of redness in the legs.
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1. Assess for fracture (see "How to Assess for Fracture During First Aid" 2. Immobilize the injured leg. Any movement will be very painful and can worsen the injury. 3.
You may have an infection such as CELLULITIS (infection of the skin)
1. Assess the fracture as well as possible and try to make a determination which bone in the lower leg is fractured. Ad. 2. Check to see if the fracture has an open wound anywhere
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