Redness inside Belly Button?


A belly button infection can cause redness inside of the belly button. There are several things that can cause a belly button infection, but this is not common. This is typically caused by a yeast infection, and would not be noticeable to people except for the fact that it hurts, and can cause a yellow discharge from the bellybutton. This is always something that should be evaluated by a doctor in case of a secondary infection. The bellybutton may be warm and swollen with this as well.
Q&A Related to "Redness inside Belly Button"
The belly button can easily become infected by Candida, or other fungi.
The skin at your belly button is fused to your abdominal wall.
Not Med Advice: Could be a new allergy popping up. Check for signs of discharge and see a doc soon.
sounds like an infection that would likely require antibiotics. Any ooze from a sore that smells is almost always an infection. Did you have a piercing? I would get this looked at.
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