Redness inside Belly Button?


A belly button infection can cause redness inside of the belly button. There are several things that can cause a belly button infection, but this is not common. This is typically caused by a yeast infection, and would not be noticeable to people except for the fact that it hurts, and can cause a yellow discharge from the bellybutton. This is always something that should be evaluated by a doctor in case of a secondary infection. The bellybutton may be warm and swollen with this as well.
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Possibly a fungus such as ringworm, the best medicine works in two days is kenacomb otic cream they will say it is for ears but there is no mistake One three times a day or as directed
The belly button can easily become infected by Candida, or other fungi.
Not Med Advice: Could be a new allergy popping up. Check for signs of discharge and see a doc soon.
sounds like an infection that would likely require antibiotics. Any ooze from a sore that smells is almost always an infection. Did you have a piercing? I would get this looked at.
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