Can you refill BIC lighters?


The Bic company states that its lighters are all nonrefillable. Their lighters have a single use design with approximately 3,000 lights per lighter, depending upon the specific model.

Although how-to videos and instructions for refilling Bic lighters are available on the Internet, the Bic company warns consumers that tampering with the lighters and using them outside of their intended parameters poses a serious risk to consumers. Bic lighters do not have the same kind of valve as a refillable lighter, so they do not fit on the nozzle of butane gas containers. Without an adapter, Bic lighters do not create a proper seal to accept the gas.

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To refill your Bic Lighter look on the bottom. If you see a little brass colored ring
1 Buy a Bic lighter. You can get them virtually anywhere. (In some states, you have to be 18. In others, 16). Ad 2 Grip the lighter at least an inch below the metal. The metal gets
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How to Make Bic Lighters Refillable
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