Refinishing Cedar Chest?


Prepare required tools and materials for refinishing a cedar chest. Remove the old hardware using a screwdriver and a knife. Remove the old finish away with a 60-grit sandpaper, then 80 and then 120. Prepare the surface by sanding with 220-grit sandpaper before refinishing. Wipe the surface down and remove all dust. Make the finishing to the chest.
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1. Place a drop cloth over your work area, which should be well ventilated but safe from sudden drafts. 2. Put on your gloves and face mask. Using a paintbrush, apply stripping agent
You could either stain it or paint it. I would paint it with a diluted white acrylic paint, after it dries I would sand the edges and around the lock until a little wood shows through
Hi Kieth. Nice to hear from you. Its very important that I know the kind of wood you made the new pieces from. Its a cedar chest I know, but is the exterior cedar or something else.
About 375 to 800 dollars. Lane was a top nauch company back then and to still have one in 2011, it's worth quite alot.
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A cedar chest holds both decorative and functional purposes. They can often give an old fashioned country feel to a home and are sometimes used as just a display ...
The Edward Roos Company produced cedar chests (aka Hope Chests) from 1916 - 1951, operating in Forest Park Illinois. The chests were made in styles from Colonial ...
To build a cedar chest, it's best to use a kit or choose a design plan with detailed instructions. The process essentially involves constructing the body of the ...
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