How do you refinish a cedar chest?


Prepare required tools and materials for refinishing a cedar chest. Remove the old hardware using a screwdriver and a knife. Remove the old finish away with a 60-grit sandpaper, then 80 and then 120. Prepare the surface by sanding with 220-grit sandpaper before refinishing. Wipe the surface down and remove all dust. Make the finishing to the chest.
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1. Place a drop cloth over your work area, which should be well ventilated but safe from sudden drafts. 2. Put on your gloves and face mask. Using a paintbrush, apply stripping agent
You could either stain it or paint it. I would paint it with a diluted white acrylic paint, after it dries I would sand the edges and around the lock until a little wood shows through
About 375 to 800 dollars. Lane was a top nauch company back then and to still have one in 2011, it's worth quite alot.
Cedar chests have a long history. They're often one of the few things that families hand down from one generation to the next as heirlooms. Many have said that cedar chests have an
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Refinish a Cedar Chest
Because cedar chests are made from a resilient wood, it is quite common to find cedar chests that are old but still functional and still protecting the interior contents, such as blankets, heirlooms, old pictures and books. But their exterior might need... More »
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