How to Paint a Refrigerator?


Choose a color you would like to paint your refrigerator. Tidy the outside area of the refrigerator to eliminate any dirt or filth that may have hoarded over time. Sand the entire peripheral surface of the refrigerator with fine shingle sandpaper. Cover any areas on the refrigerator that you do not want affected by the new paint color. Put some of the gloss enamel paint into the paint tray, and start to roll on your first coat of paint with a sponge roller. Eliminate the tape from the refrigerator after the paint application has dried thoroughly.
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1. Go through your refrigerator and throw out any type of food that has been sitting around for too long. If you ordered Chinese food two weeks ago and haven't gotten around to eating
Put an open box of baking powder in it.
1. Select your painting method: brush on or spray. Either type of appliance paint can be purchased at your local hardware store. Brush on paint provides less mess, and is a more suitable
I usually recommend using a two-part epoxy in a walk-in refrigerator. It dries hard, is very durable and will usually cure out quick enough to limit down time. Always ask for a technical
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