Regarding the Magna Carta Which Statement Is False?


The Magna Carta is also known as The Great Charter. There are many people that have to make up the Magna Carta, and this can be known as a gang, but it is not known as the gangs that we see today, in 2013. They were first established in 1215, so they have been around for many years. There are specific jobs that each person has, and this includes being a watchmen, and keeping an eye out for dangerous situations. They also have a leader, bishops, and many more influences. There are many statesments that are true and false regarding the Magna Carta.
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Regarding the Magna Carta, the statement that is false depends on the selection of statements to choose from. One common misconception is that King John was forced to sign the Magna Carta. In fact, the barons and King John did not sign the Magna Carta. there were no signatures at all on the document. There was a seal on the document placed their by King John. The seal was considered under common law as adequate for authenticating the Magna Carta.
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