How much do services at Regis Salon cost?


Regis Salon prices will vary greatly depending on what the customer or client is seeking in their services. A lot of the time, the price is affordable for most, but can get expensive if a person wants a real specific, or high quality hair job or product. They will sometimes offer discounts to first time customers, or there might even be coupons available to help make the price more affordable for those who choose to use Regis Salons.
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I also go to Regis Hair Salon and they usually charge 15-20 dollars for a Wash and Cut . It also depends on the Stylist too . Hope i helped , xD.
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Regis Salons located at: 2214 E Kansas Ave, Garden City - (620) 275-2441.
Boynton Beach Mall, Boynton Beach,, FL
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