How to Register for the Postal Battery Exam?


Postal Battery Exam is a type of test which is organized by the United States Postal Service to test the functions of a mail carrier. Preparing for such exam one must look for practical papers to solve on a reliable website. After a message will be sent to you in which you will be told to take part in the exam. For more information follow this link.
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1. Complete an online assessment. An email invitation for the assessment will be sent the email address that you provided on your application. 2. The email will contain the online
There is a memory portion of the exam, as well as a math portion. Many
(Continued from Page 1) How to Register for your A+ Exam. A+ exams can be taken at Pearson-Vue and Prometric testing centers world-wide. You can check locations and register on CompTIA's
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How to Register for the Postal Battery Exam
Many applicants are required to take an examination to work in certain positions for the United States Postal Service . There are different exams for different positions. The 473 Battery Exam, for example, is for applicants who want to work as city... More »
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To pass the 473 postal exam of the United States Postal Service, you will need a combined clerical score of 85 to 95 points. This score ensures a greater chance ...
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