Registered Drug Offenders in California?


A convicted drug user is registered for 5 years as a drug offender in California. The court usually asks for the drug testing. Some people may be asked to attend vocational training and family counseling.
Q&A Related to "Registered Drug Offenders in California?"
You are registered for 5 yrs.
You have to register with the Chief of Police of the city in which you reside, or with the Sheriff of the county if you are in an unincorporated area. If you are residing in the City
Health & Safety Code § 11594(a) provides in part that All registration requirements set forth in this article shall terminate five years after the discharge from prison,
The judge, especially with your ciscumstances would never restrict this move. You need to go to court get sole custody, you can also request that his parenetal rights be terminated
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