Regular Clergy?


Regular Clergy is practical in the Roman Catholic Church to clerics who respect a rule in their life. In the old English law, there were the monks who lived secundum regulam rendering to the rules of their own houses or societies. In England, it was usually restricted to the ministers of the customary Church.
Q&A Related to "Regular Clergy?"
Regular clergy, or just regulars, is applied in the Roman Catholic Church to clerics
They take vows of Chastity, Poverty and obedience.
Regular clergy take vows such as poverty or chastity and are connected to a particular religious order. Secular clergy live out in the world and do not affiliate with a particular
Passionists. Passionists are members of a Roman Catholic mendicant order founded by St Paul of the Cross in Italy in 1720 and devoted chiefly to missionary work and retreats. Friars
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