What Is a Reindeer Chihuahua?


Reindeer Chihuahua is a dog that has some features of a reindeer. A reindeer chihuahua is a dog with a leg size of 25 to 30 height centimetres and is very friendly to humans.
Q&A Related to "What Is a Reindeer Chihuahua"
Deer Chihuahua has a sloped forehead, not an apple-dome, may also have deer-like
The Chihuahua is supposed to be "apple headed" but some exist (that my vet says are usually MinPin mixes) that are called "deer headed. The Chihuahua is a Toy breed
My chihuahua weighs 4#7oz. She is a deer chihuahua and adorable. I've had her for 4 years and couldn't ask for a better pet. Her name is bambie, because she is after all a ( dear )
A deer chihuahua has a sloped forehead... not an "apple-dome", a 90 degree angle off the bridge of the nose... a deer chihuahua may also have deer-like slender, delicate
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