Rekindling an Old Flame?


There are many ways to rekindle an old flame. Ways include trying to get into the interests of the other person, apologizing for what broke them up in the first place, and more.
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1. Make sure you really want to recreate that old relationship. Maybe you're just feeling sorry for yourself because the guy you were dating dropped you. Or perhaps you're in a sentimental
Relationships ebb and flow like the tide. You will have both good and bad times in any relationship. When it seems your relationship is experiencing a slow down, it might be time
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Sounds like something that could later get serious if you started. Now my advice is rekindle the friendship first and the rest will take it's own course. Do not be pushy. Just be
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To rekindle a first love, ask the person out for a date. See if the old feelings are there and go from there. ...
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