Relationship between Remora and Shark?


If you are referring to what type of relationship exists between remora and sharks, then its a symbiotic relationship. In this type both parties involved are benefiting from the relationship. In their case, the remora gets their food from sharks, while the sharks keep getting clean as the remora eat their food off the shark's bellies.
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the remora leads the shark to food and the shark is not affected.
Remora commonly attach themselves to sharks or ride
The remora gets food, transportation, and protection, and the whale gets its parasites eaten (especially parasitic copepods) This is a great example of a mutualistic symbiosis. Source
Kelp is an ocean plant that grows towards the ocean surface in response to sunlight. Sunlight promotes growth of living plants in the ocean. Kelp and coral are types of ocean plants
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The relationship between remora fish and sharks is that the remora fish uses the shark as a taxi. The remora fish will attach to the shark. The shark does not ...
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