Relative Location of Guatemala?


The relative location of Guatemala is on Central America's isthmus northwestern edge. It is in both the western and northern hemispheres. Guatemala is bordered by Honduras and Belize.
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Guatemala is on the Pacific coast of Central America, directly south of the Yucatan Peninsula.
Guatemala is a country in its own right. It is in Central America south of Mexico. Guatemalans speak Spanish. Guatemalan money is called the Quetzal.
Guatemala is south of Mexico. has some excellent maps showing it's location or simply type "map of guatemala" into search for dozens of sites that provide
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The relative location of the Mexico is south of the USA and north of Guatemala and Belize. The absolute location of the capital city is: 19*24' North Latitude, ...
Relative location is a point or place in relation to another point or place. It means to locate a place relative to other landmarks that is by describing the direction ...
Relative location is a location that is located by explaining other locations that are nearby. An example is 'The store is by the Walgreens on Market Avenue'. ...
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