Relaxed Hair Care?


There are five key essentials to caring for relaxed hair. Relaxed hair care requires weekly cleaning to remove product build-up, bacteria and dead cells. A daily moisturizer should be used to combat dryness and build elasticity. A deep conditioner that uses heat should be used regularly to reverse the effects of daily wear and tear on the hair. Utilizing low manipulation like combing, brushing, and styling; and protective styling such as braids, weaves and wigs will give hair a break. Finally, wrapping hair with a silk scarf at bedtime will hold in moisture and keep from breaking.

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To take care of relaxed hair you should keep it clean. I like to brush mine out twice per day. I use as little hair products like spray and gel as possible. You can put it up in a
1. Use an antistatic or ionic hair brush to comb through your relaxed hair without damaging it. Hair is most vulnerable to damage when it's wet. 2. Wear a satin cap or bonnet at night
1. NEVER use the relaxers you find in store! Those are meant for African American hair, which grows differently then white hair. Relaxers are meant to only relax African American
I also have relaxed hair and I make extra sure I stay away from anything with alcohol or sulfates. Relaxed hair NEEDS sulfate free shampoos so it can stay smooth and not dry out!
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