Religion Agent of Socialization?


Religion is an agent of socialization by molding the thoughts and behaviors of the followers of said religion. How people interact with the world is often largely influenced by the the faith in which they were raised.
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In fact every aspect of our life and all other agents are based on religion. Initially, a child learns from family. The first ever learning place for child is lap of mother. Mother
Basic principle...Love thy neighbor, as you love yourself. Translation: Share and share alike... Sounds like SOCIALISM to me. ( that is what you meant, right?) If not...religion provides
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There are many things that are considered to be agents of social control. Family and religion are considered to the be most powerful agents of social control. ...
Some examples of socializing agents include family and the community. Mass media and schools are other socializing agents. Gender is a final socializing agent. ...
Agents of socialization help a person become socially involved and gain acceptance into the society they live in. The ten major agents of socialization include ...
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