Remedies for Dilated Pupils?


There are several remedies for dilated pupils, which can be caused by illicit drugs, over the counter medications, uneven lighting, brain injuries, and having your eyes dilated at the opthamologists or optometrists office. If dilated pupils are caused by brain injuries, it is important to see a physician as soon as possible. The other causes for dilated pupils are much less serious in nature and can be treated with various kinds of home remedies, or you can just wait for the pupils to undilate on their own. Medicated eye drops can be used to soothe an irritated or dilated pupil, and simply washing the eyes with cool water may help as well.
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1. Wear a hat or baseball cap. Either cap will partially shade or hide your eyes, making dilation less noticeable. 2. Stay in a well-lit area to keep pupils from dilating further.
"Contracted Pupils" is what I use.
1. Dim the lights. Pupils grow to let in more light, so they will get larger if the lights are dim. That's part of the reason why candlelight and dim lights are so romantic. Stay
Trauma to pupil can cause dilated pupils. More seriously, a single dilated
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Dilated pupil means that there is an abnormal disease of the eye, which is basically caused by slimming down of the dilator muscle of the iris. This can lead to ...
Hashish otherwise known as weed is the most common drug that makes the pupils to dilate. Others are Amphetamines, cocaine and LSD. This indicator is often used ...
Most drugs will make the users pupils dilate, not make them bigger. Some stimulant drugs like Cocaine, Ecstasy, Amphetamines, and Methamphetamine will cause large ...
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