What is the age of a Remington 1100 with a serial number N501952V?


After the 1920s, Remington 1100 guns were stamped with a date. The age of a Remington 1100 with the serial number n501952v should predate 1972. To be sure, check with a gun expert at a local shop to accurately identify the style of the gun with the period in which it was made. Sometimes the stamped date will have rubbed off, making it hard to tell at home.
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After 1920 Remington stamped a date code on the left side of the barrel in front of the receiver. The diagram and date code table is on the Remington Society of America.
1. Determine the month by reading the first letter of your serial number. Remington coded the months as following: B --January, L -- February, A -1 March, C -- April, K -- May, P
Can't answer that really. The serial doesn't fit the date code that remington uses. They used a single letter to indicate month, L would be February, followed by double letter to
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