Remington 597 Barrels?


Remington 597 barrels can be customized with several different add-ons such as compensators, thread adapters, thread protectors, and other parts that will increase the accuracy and reliability of this well known and popular barrel model. One of the major manufacturers and sellers of these types of barrel add-ons is the company Volquartsen; samples of what they sell can be found at They also sell firearms, but a $500.00 minimum deposit is required in order to start production.
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You will have to contact barrel makers or visit their web sites to see if anyone is making them or would be willing to. Jarvis makes aftermarket "Bull" barrels for the Remington
Remington Model 597 Rimfire Rifles is a hunting rifle 22 target-rifle platform, features a
1. Unload the weapon completely. Visually inspect the weapon to ensure that no live ammunition is present. 2. Secure the shotgun in a padded gun vise, leaving the barrel accessible
There are not any "cool" after market barrels available for your Remington 597 Semi-Auto rifle.They have been discontinued for some time and even the barrels that are available
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