How much does a Remington Model 788 22-250 cost?


The value of a Remington Model 788 22-250 is between $300 and $600 in 2013. This gun is used for small game hunting. It is well suited for novice and experienced shooters.
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"value" is different for different people. on the gunbroker site, there are several priced between $300 and $500. the lower ones have a couple bids, nobody is even looking
1. Empty your gun of any leftover shells by pulling your bolt out of the gun. This ejects any empty shells out through the side of the clip. Leave your bolt open. Load your clip directly
Depending on condition, $250-300. You may possibly get a few more dollars to a collector, if it is in original condition, and like new. Edit--be very careful gauging prices on gunbroker
The blue book shows the value to be in the $250-500 range depending
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