Remington Rifle Model 742?


There are several different models of the Remington Rifle, including the model 742. That model is also called the Woodmaster. It is a semi-automatic rifle. The value of the rifle would vary depending on its age and condition.
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I found on Remington Arms website that the serial number was made between 1951-1967 1,000-541,000. Model 742 was only made from 1960-1980 so yours would have been made between 1960
1. Check that the rifle is not loaded. Place it upside-down in the gun vise. 2. Hold the bipod with the legs folded and facing toward you. 3. Locate the attachment screw on the bipod
i have the exact same gun i suggest u buy a differnt mag for it though but now back to buisness if it is a adl in excellent condition its about 300-400 bdl is 350-450.
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The Remington 742 can be stripped down by removing the forearm with the bolt in the front and the butt stock by the bolts under the butt pad. The action is more ...
There is two different versions of the Remington 742 woods master. The carbine version weights six and a half pounds. The rifle version weights seven and a half ...
The Remington Model 742 is a valuable firearm dating back to Bicentennial times. Its value depends on the general condition of the piece. Gun experts estimate ...
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