How do you look up a serial number of a Remington rifle?


The Manufacture code is found on the barrel of the Remington rifle on the left side just in front of the receiver. The letter of the serial code is the month of the manufacture and the next one or two letters are the year of manufacture.
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1. Determine the month by reading the first letter of your serial number. Remington coded the months as following: B --January, L -- February, A -1 March, C -- April, K -- May, P
You don't decode the serial, you decode the date code stamped on the barrel starting in 1921, if you have something before that I need a model/serial to date it. Check the manufactured
Could be several, need more information, patent dates or any other info?
1932, you can check the date code stamps up on the Remington Society of America, manufactured date link for details and the chart with the month/year.
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Check the left side of the barrel. Located there will be information on the serial number of Remington rifles made after the year 1921.
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