What is the Dish Network remote code for a Sylvania television?


There are several DISH Network remote codes for Sylvania televisions. They are 733, 672, 777, 764, 841 and 527. More remote codes for Sylvania TV's are 679, 632, 756, 694, 829, 569 and 566.
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The DISH Network remote code for your sylvania TV would be one of the following, 733, 569, 566, or 432. There are several listed in case the first code 733 is unsuccessful.
1. Turn on your television and aim the Sylvania remote at the TV and press the volume up or down button. 2. Press the "TV" button on the remote after releasing the volume
Three digit universal remote codes for the Sylvania SRT2227s are: 002
These are the codes for Sylvania TV for Un
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