How do you remove bacon grease stains?


To remove bacon grease stains, you need a detergent with a grease cutter. Dish washing liquids frequently have grease cutters built into their formula. Blot the stain as quickly as possible after the event, then saturate it with dish detergent before washing. Air dry and check for the stain.
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1 Purchase some Goop Multi-Purpose Hand Cleaner. This is the stuff that mechanics use to get their hands clean after working with greasy parts all day long. You can purchase Goop
In the paint department you should be able to find a product called TSP for cleaning walls. Use this as directed on the package. Painting over the grease will not help. The stains
Let it soak in warm water with your normal laundry detergent and add in a little vinegar , you'll be surprised!
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How to Remove Bacon Grease Stains
Bacon is a breakfast staple in most homes, cooked fresh each morning and enjoyed by the family. The bacon, however, is greasy and messy, and often leads to a spill or drop on your clothes, furniture, or carpeting. Luckily, you can remove bacon stains... More »
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