How to Remove a Co-Signer From a Mortgage Loan?


As of 2012, there are five steps on how to remove a co-signer from a mortgage loan. The first step is to apply for a mortgage refinance with a mortgage lender.
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1. Check your credit report through an online site such as Ensure that there are no errors, and see if there is any way in which your score can be improved
The options are limited. You must pay it off or refinance. You would have to get the bank to agree to a refinance with only you as the signer, if you qualify. Banks rarely remove
The only way to "remove" hubby's name is for the brother to refinance in his name alone based solely on his income. If the value of the house is less than the mortgage (
It's possible, but unlikely. You will need the lender's permission. Ask yourself, why would they do this? Good luck. The author of this post is licensed to practice law in the District
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